We are a team of payroll professionals dedicated to serving South Texas College. The mission of the Payroll Department is to provide accurate and quality payroll operations for all South Texas College Faculty, Staff, and Administration.

The Payroll Department general responsibilities are:

  • Production and Distribution of payroll for approximately 3,000 College employees
  • Foreign National Taxation
  • Tax Withholding, Tax Reporting, and Tax Compliance
  • Garnishment Administration
  • Provide Payroll documentation for Annual Financial Audit
  • Maintain Payroll records for retention period
  • Ensure the College is compliant with Department of Labor Payroll Laws
  • Benefit Deduction and Payments (including TRS, ORP, & ERS)
  • Time Keeping System Management
  • W-2 Tax Forms
  • Remain aware of all new tax laws, payroll laws, and changes in the industry

Please contact us if you have questions or ideas that would help us to serve you better.

-Vanessa Sifuentes, Accounting Group Manager

Vanessa Sifuentes, Accounting Group Manager
Phone: 956-872-4674

Elida Rangel, Payroll Accountant 
Phone: 956-872-4641

Elizabeth Gomez, Payroll Assistant
TimeClock Plus
Phone: 956-872-2696

Ana C. Gonzalez, Accounting Specialist, Payroll
Phone: 956-872-4629

Blanca Sanchez, Payroll Assistant
Monthly Payroll Processing
Phone: 956-872-4613

Rachel Jaramillo, Payroll Assistant
Semi-Monthly Payroll Processing
Phone: 956-872-4606

Payroll Specialist (Vacant) 

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