Employee Fees

Fiscal Year 2022-2023

Employee Fees
Item Fee
Child Development Center:
  Tuition Fee Per Week 125.00/Week
  Registration Fee:
    Fall Semester 50.00
    Spring Semester 50.00
    Summer Session 25.00
  Late Pick-up Fee $5 first 5 minutes and $1 each add’l minute
  Supply Fee: (per semester/session)
    Fall Semester 40.00
    Spring Semester 40.00
    Summer Session 20.00
  Reservation Fee:
    Fall Semester 65.00
    Spring Semester 65.00
    Summer Session 25.00
Parking Permit Fee 25.00
Parking Permit Replacement Fee 25.00
Parking Violations:
  First 30.00
  Second 50.00
  Third 80.00
  Fourth 100.00
  Fifth 120.00
Handicap Parking Violations 150.00
Moving Traffic Violations:
  First 30.00
  Second 50.00
  Third 90.00
Vehicle Boot Removal Fee 100.00
Keyless Access Card Replacement Fee 10.00
Returned Check 30.00
Lost or Damaged Library Item Cost of item plus processing fee
Lost or Damaged Library Item Processing Fee per item 10.00
Lost or Damaged Inter-Library Loan or TexShare Item Fine and/or replacement cost as assessed and charged by lending library
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