Refund Guidelines

  • The college may apply existing credits to the student's delinquent outstanding debt.
  • All students who are eligible for a cash refund will receive the refund via mail or direct deposit
  • Refunds made in accordance with NACHA (National Agency Clearing House Association) and the Merchant Services Agreement (merchant shall make no cash refunds to purchasers on Card sales):
    • If classes are paid with a credit card, a refund is to be first applied to the original credit card payment.
    • Any Financial Aid posted after the account has been paid by a credit card is refunded back to the credit card before any money is returned to the student.
    • There will be no exceptions to this procedure.

As prescribed by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, the South Texas College refund policy is as follows:

Tuition (Excludes Mini-mesters)

"Class day" refers to South Texas College's scheduled class day, not the student's class meeting days.

Refund Guidelines

Spring 2023 Refund Guidelines
Spring 2023
A 100% refund is to be made for courses dropped (drop or withdraw) prior to or on the second class day. Jan. 17 - 18, 2023
During the next 13 class days: 70% Jan. 19 - Feb. 6, 2023
During the 16th through 20th class day: 25% Feb. 7 - 13, 2023
After the 20th class day: None Feb. 14, 2023

Incidental Fees (Excludes Mini-mesters)

Audit Fee, Credit by Exam, Installment (processing and late) Fee, Emergency Loan late fee, Reinstatement Fee, and any other fee approved by the Board of Trustees of South Texas College.

Incidental Fees
Spring 2023
Prior to first class day: 100% Jan. 16, 2023
First class day and after: None Jan. 17, 2023

Mini-mester Refunds

A 100% refund is to be made for courses dropped (drop or withdraw) prior to or on the first class day.
Refer to the Cashier Department for more information on refund percentages after the first class day.
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