Continuing Education Installment Plans

Enrollment rules:

  • Only one plan per term.
  • Eligible courses are determined by Continuing Education Department.
  • Statements will not be mailed.
  • Plans are available only through the day prior to the 1st class day.
  • Must be registered for classes by the office of Continuing Education.
  • ATCP Internship plan, Mandatory:
    • Enrollment into all 3 plans at the same time with auto pay for scheduled payments.

Contact the Continuing Education Department
for due dates and other details

Continuing Education (CE) Installment Plans
CE General Installment Plan
(Includes ATCP "Core" classes)
ATCP Internship Plan
Initial Payment 30% 10%
Processing Fee $5 None
Payment Due Dates
(A $10 fee will be assessed on each late payment)
2 Bi-Weekly Monthly
Payment Due 35% 30%
Payment Due 35% 30%
Payment Due - 30%