Facilities Planning and Construction

Facilities Planning & Construction is responsible for the planning and construction of capital improvement projects for the entire STC district. Facilities Planning & Construction is also responsible for coordinating with design professionals for the design of new and renovated facilities, coordinating with construction firms during construction, maintaining construction documents of all buildings, updating and maintaining space inventory software, approving and coordinating the relocation of faculty and staff, managing the use of leased facilities and monitoring the purchases of furniture.


Name E-mail Phone Location
Cuellar, Robert - Project Manager robertoc 956-872-3653 Pecan N 168
De La Garza, Ricardo - Director rickdlg 956-872-3714 Pecan N 174
De Leon, Francisco - Space Mgmt Technician fdeleon3 956-872-3738 Pecan N 171
Gonzalez, Norma - Accounts Assistant ngonzalez_0711 956-872-3713 Pecan N 172
Gonzalez, Gabriela - Accounts Assistant mggonzalez 956-872-3736 Pecan N 170
Perez, Dulce - Secretary dperez57 956-872-3737 Pecan N 179A
Quintanilla, Silas - Administrative Assistant squint27 956-872-2343 Pecan N 179B
Saldana, Samuel - Project Manager ssaldana 956-872-3735 Pecan N 167
Salinas, Danielle - Records Technician dcarreo2 956-872-3712 Pecan N 169
Valdez, David - Project Manager dvaldez_1722 956-872-2347 Pecan N 165
Vacant - Senior Project Manager 956-872-3712 Pecan N 169
Vacant - Space Management Specialist 956-872-4678 Pecan N 164

Furniture Move/Setup Procedures


South Texas College has adopted a standard line of furniture that should be ordered by all STC departments. This enables offices and classrooms to have a pleasant and professional appearance, while providing equal accommodation. Therefore every department is asked to choose from the line of furniture that is currently being used at their workplace. Purchasing will not order any furniture without review by Facilities Planning & Construction.

Click on the buttons below to see a list of the furniture available for every area:


To obtain the current pricing for these items, please check with the Purchasing Department for a quote.

Move/Setup Procedures

In order to ensure that Facilities Planning & Construction maintains accurate space inventory and coordinates with other departments affected by a move, any department planning to relocate a faculty or staff member must submit the "Move Request" form to our office for approval and coordination.

The procedures below should be followed:

  1. Client shall fill out the Move Request form
  2. Client shall get proper signatures, including signature from Site Coordinator/Dean or supervisor signature.
  3. Client shall submit the original form(s) through intercampus mail to Facilities Planning & Construction. Call FP&C to confirm receipt.
  4. Facilities Planning & Construction will notify ITS Help Desk, Client Services, Custodial and Maintenance of such request.
  5. Departments will determine if the request is feasible and will notify Facilities Planning & Construction within three working days. Any move, once approved, will take a minimum of two weeks to schedule.
  6. Facilities Planning & Construction shall inform each client if the request is approved or disapproved.
  7. If the request is approved, Facilities Planning & Construction will inform the client of the scheduled move date, via e-mail only.
  8. Client may acquire keys to the new location once moves are completed and keys to previous location are returned to the Maintenance.
  9. Upon completion of any move, client is required to notify the Fixed Assets ( Fixed Assets Control Record) and notify Human Resources of the office change.
  10. If the client does not follow the appropriate procedures, keys, access to telephone, computing, and data services will not be provided until compliance with procedures have been approved by Facilities Planning & Construction.