Financial Literacy

Financial Management

At STC we care about our students’ financial success that is why we want to help address the national increase in student loan debt and loan default rates. In support of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) – Chapter 12.6, the college participates by informing students about the consequences and obligations associated with debt and repayment of loans by providing free financial management information and guidance to help student borrowers to better understand how to manage their finances.

Take control of your finances by:

The department of Student Activities & Wellness, offers free Student Financial Literacy workshops throughout the year. The Financial Management workshops empower students to achieve their financial goals in life by educating them on free financial management tools and resources available to better equip them in taking ownership of their finances.

Consequences of Debt

  • South Texas College students should be made aware that any student loans obtained is an expensive means of borrowing money.
  • STC student Loans must be repaid within the terms established on the loan agreement.
  • Students may be responsible for additional late fees, fines or penalties if the payment is defaulted.
  • Additionally, the account may be sent to an external collection agency and be responsible for additional collection costs when in default.
  • If in default, future student loans may be denied with STC.

Consequences of Debt Presentation

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