Process Improvement Project Framework

1. Initiate PI Project

  • Project is an item on the Comprehensive Operational Plan.
  • Requested by department head.
  • Requested by Vice President for Finance and Administrative Services or President.

2. Planning

  • Begin planning at least four weeks prior to mapping sessions.
  • Team formation (5 – 10 members).
  • Develop charter: scope of project, parameters, and goal.
  • Answer the following questions: current problems, who is customer, benefit to improving, what and why are we improving?
  • Collection of relevant data.
  • Perform Gemba walk.

3. Current State Map

  • Team will identify general rules.
  • Map layout of the current state process “as is”.
  • Identify the process improvement metrics; i.e. process time (PT), lead time (LT), percent complete and accurate (%C/A), delay time.
  • Identify barriers or roadblocks and OFIs (parking lot).
  • Add details to the map as necessary.
  • Agree on current state process.

4. Desired State Map

  • Team will review current process.
  • Design desired state, “where we want to be” with projected PT, LT, %C/A.
  • Remove non-valued added steps.
  • Identify immediate improvements (Kaizen Burst of 1 – 5 days).
  • Agree on future state process.

5. Develop Action Plan

  • Team will create action plan to realize the desired state map.
  • Present and obtain approval from leadership per action plan/future state.
  • Action plan should be regularly communicated to leadership.
  • Develop pilot improvement efforts on a small scale prior to implementing across the organization.
  • Determine metrics to measure improvement efforts.

6. Execute Action Plan

  • Team will execute action plan.
  • Perform micro PDCA for specific improvements.
  • Perform pilot testing.
  • Refine action plan as necessary.