Accountability Assessment Process


1. Item Selected

  • Requests made by President’s Cabinet, Vice President for Finance and Administrative Services, or department leaders.
  • Part of the Accountability, Risk, and Compliance Comprehensive Plan.

2. Research and Gather Information

  • Research item selected for review.
  • Contact and schedule initial meeting with parties.
  • Define: purpose, scope, objectives, and data collection.


3. Perform Accountability Assessment

  • Perform field work/testing.

4. Preliminary Accountability Assessment Report

  • Send preliminary report to applicable parties.
  • Schedule meeting for review of preliminary report.
  • Make revisions as necessary.
  • Receive and review management responses.


5. Final Accountability Assessment Report

  • Finalize and issue the final accountability assessment report.

6. Follow-Up

  • Conduct a follow-up report to verify resolution of report findings.