STC Jag-Card

It’s Your Choice! The New JagCard is Coming Soon, Make Your Selection Now! South Texas College has partnered with U.S. Bank to provide you with other options for receiving your refunds and disbursements. You now have the choice of having your future refunds deposited directly into a prepaid Debit MasterCard® or deposited to your personal checking or savings account.

What are the benefits of a prepaid Debit MasterCard® from U.S. Bank?
Because it is not a credit card, there is no risk of running up debt, and generally you are only able to spend what you have in your account. There are also many other benefits:

  • Receive your refunds electronically the same day funds are made available. No more waiting for a check via the U.S. Mail.
  • Provides you (or one person that you choose) the option to load funds onto the card via the web (requires Deluxe Account).
  • Use wherever Debit MasterCard is accepted, including on campus (such as bookstores, vending and cafés).
  • Free withdrawals at any U.S. Bank or MoneyPass® ATM.
  • No enrollment fee, no monthly service fee and no minimum balance requirement.

What are the benefits of Direct Deposit?
For students that have a checking or savings account, direct deposit offers advantages over receiving a paper check.

  • Receive your refunds electronically to your own personal bank account. No more waiting for a check via the U.S. Mail.
  • In most cases, funds are available within one to two business days.

How do I make my selection?
Make your selection online through the STC JagNet portal. Click link below to get started:

Click here to select refund option

What if I don’t make a selection?
If no selection is made, in most cases a check will be mailed to you within one to two business days.

We’re hopeful that these refund and disbursement options will offer you greater flexibility and more control in managing your money.

Update Your Address and Phone Number

All students are encouraged to update their address and phone number to avoid delays!

Your refund preference is automatically defaulted to paper check however; you have the choice to select other refund preferences such as Electronic Funds Transfer to your existing bank account, or selecting the US Bank pre-paid card to receive your STC refunds and disbursements.

Before you may choose a refund preference, STC must share your contact information with US Bank. In order to avoid any possible delays in making a selection on how you prefer to receive your STC refunds & disbursements, please update your address and phone number on the College’s JagNet portal. Instructions on how to update your contact information in JagNet are available below.

2 Ways to update your address & phone number:

  • JagNet (recommended)
  • Visit the Office of Admissions &  Records
How to update your address/phone

What is my current Contact Information on file?

  1. Log in to JagNet
  2. Click: Student Services
  3. Click: Personal Information tab
  4. Click: View Addresses and Phones

How to update my Contact Information:

  1. Log in to JagNet
  2. Click: Student Services
  3. Click: Personal Information tab
  4. Click: View Addresses and Phones
  5. Click: Update Addresses and Phones
  6. If address needs to be updated, continue the remaining steps
  7. On “Addresses and Phones” (step 5 from Verifying your Contact Information)
  8. Under Billing click: “Current:” 
  9. ONLY Update the following fields:
    1. Valid from This Date: mm/dd/yyyy (enter todays date)
    2. Address Line 1:
    3. Address Line 2:
    4. Address Line 3:
    5. City:
    6. State or province:
    7. Zip or Postal Code           
    8. County
    9. Primary Phone Number for this Address
    10. Phone Number Type
    11. Click: SUBMIT
  10. Verify address updated
  11. Logout