It's Your Choice! Make Your Refund Selection Now! South Texas College has partnered with U.S. Bank to provide you with other options for receiving your refunds and disbursements. You now have the choice of having your future refunds deposited directly to your personal checking or savings account.

You are eligible to receive a cash refund due to a credit balance on your student account if your payments (personal, financial aid, scholarships, etc.) exceed your charges. These refunds are delivered to you through the STC fund disbursement program.

Refund Method Options

Refund method How long it takes About this method
Direct Deposit

In most cases, funds are available in 1-2 business days

  • What it is: an electronic transfer of your refund into your personal checking or savings account.
  • What you need to do: have your account and routing numbers available when you sign up.
Paper Check

In most cases, checks will be mailed out in 1-2 business days and arrive within 3-7 business days.

  • What it is: if you do not elect an electronic refund method, a check will be mailed to the address on file at South Texas College.
  • What you need to do: ensure your mailing address is up to date in JagNet or the Office of Admissions and Records.

How to choose your refund method

If you are eligible for a cash refund, you have the option of choosing how to receive your money. Here's how:

  1. Choose your refund method:
    • Direct deposit: enter your bank account information
    • Paper Check: automatic (no need to make a selection)
  2. Make your selection online, log in to JagNet and click on the JagCard tab.
  3. Click here to get started.

If you do not choose a refund method, a check will be mailed to you.

Sign up two to three weeks prior the semester start date, to ensure your refund will be delivered timely to your chosen refund method.

After I sign up, do I have to sign up every term?

No. Your refund choice will apply to all future refunds. You can change your refund method as often as you like, but be sure to allow at least one week for the change to be processed.

For help signing up, to change from an electronic refund method to a paper check or if you do not receive your funds, please call 1-888-373-0363.

Direct Deposit FAQ

What happens if I entered my account number incorrectly?

The bank will check to make sure the account number is valid, but they do not verify that the bank account you entered belongs to you!

If you entered a valid account number that belongs to someone else, the deposit will go to that account. We can try to recover the funds, but there is no guarantee.

If you entered an invalid account number, the deposit will be returned and an attempt will be made to contact you.

How do I change my bank account number?

You can change your bank account information in STC Refunds and Disbursements by logging in and clicking Select under STC Refunds and Disbursements Preference. Click Edit and enter your new bank account number.

Update Your Address and Phone Number

All students are encouraged to update their address and phone number to avoid delays!

Your refund preference is automatically defaulted to paper check however; you have the choice to select other refund preferences such as Electronic Funds Transfer to your existing bank account to receive your STC refunds and disbursements.

Before you may choose a refund preference, STC must share your contact information with US Bank. In order to avoid any possible delays in making a selection on how you prefer to receive your STC refunds & disbursements, please update your address and phone number on the College's JagNet portal. Instructions on how to update your contact information in JagNet are available below.

2 Ways to update your address & phone number:
  • JagNet (recommended)
  • Visit the Office of Admissions & Records
How to update your address/phone

What is my current Contact Information on file?

  1. Log in to JagNet
  2. Click: Student Services
  3. Click: Personal Information tab
  4. Click: View Addresses and Phones
How to update my Contact Information:
  1. Log in to JagNet
  2. Click: Student Services
  3. Click: Personal Information tab
  4. Click: View Addresses and Phones
  5. Click: Update Addresses and Phones
  6. If address needs to be updated, continue the remaining steps
  7. On "Addresses and Phones" (step 5 from Verifying your Contact Information)
  8. Under Billing click: "Current:"
  9. ONLY Update the following fields:
    1. Valid from This Date: mm/dd/yyyy (enter todays date)
    2. Address Line 1:
    3. Address Line 2:
    4. Address Line 3:
    5. City:
    6. State or province:
    7. Zip or Postal Code
    8. County
    9. Primary Phone Number for this Address
    10. Phone Number Type
    11. Click: SUBMIT
  10. Verify address updated
  11. Logout